Santa's Reindeers Hotel

Hotel by the lake Pielinen

This is the favourite stop for Santa's trip from Lapland and he is keeping his postbox here.

Finland is one of the most happiest country in the world and Finland has the best elementary school. It makes you happy.

You will certainly have happy holidays in this happy country . Finnish happiness comes from forests, clean nature, healthy food, safety, finnish culture and traditions like winter swimming in the hole in the ice "avanto", skiing, kicksledging.

It is very comfortable to swim in nature lakes with temperature 25 oC / 77 oF in summertime, do berry picking and walk in forest. Nature here has healing effect and gives you energy. Recharge your inner life batteries.

Here is cleanest area with fresh air, crystal clear water in lakes and taps, blue eyed sky, evergreen pine forests, tasty and sweet strawberries. 

Hotel building was originally elementary school and important part of the educational system which is considered one of the most effective in the world. Hotel building now uses most ecological biotechnology for heating. Conferences, seminars and training cources of high quality are being held in this place. We supply our guests with authentic finnish cuisine.


Hotel-Leon indoors and sauna